Examples of Past Work

Global capacity building evaluation for International Federation of the Red Cross
In August 2011, Root Change completed a contract with the International Federation of the Red Cross (IFRC), to conduct a global study of the Federation's capacity development initiatives. The study included approximately 30 National Societies from across Europe, North America, Latin America, Africa and Asia. “Our goal was to support a proactive learning program targeting the collective membership of the IFRC to scale up the federation's capacity to deliver humanitarian services at the last mile", said Evan Bloom. The Root Change team was led by co-principal investigators Evan Bloom of Root Change and Beryl Levinger of the Monterey Institute of International Studies (MIIS), a veteran practitioner with nearly forty years experience in nonprofit management, and Senior Technical Advisor Michael Patton, former President of the American Evaluation Association and the author of five evaluation books, including Utilization-Focused Evaluation.

SNV Baseline Study of the Market for Local Capacity Development Services (CDS) in Vietnam at the Sub National Level
SNV launched an initiative to develop Local Capacity Development Facilities (LCDF) in Vietnam along with 3 other partners: Pact, SRD, and CECODES. To support the local Vietnamese consulting team tasked with carrying out the baseline study, SNV partnered with Root Change. Root Change has developed methodologies to measure the supply and demand for capacity building services and has expertise in sectored diagnostics, market assessments, and system analysis well suited to the purpose of the LCDF Baseline study. Root Change introduced organizational network analysis, as well as other participatory survey approaches, to make sure that major stakeholders (e.g. government agencies, Donor and INGOs community, and service providers) are included in the baseline study. The objectives of LCDF were:

  • Strengthening articulation of demand for capacity development services: creating opportunity for (social) entrepreneurs and local organizations to express demand for poverty related Capacity Development Services,
  • Improving the supply of capacity development services: enhancing the outreach and quality of capacity development services, and
  • Redirecting financial Capacity Development Services flows: to the sub-national level as well as tapping into local resources.

Grassroots Business Fund collaborated with Root Change and Serengeti Advisors in Launching Root Change Innovation Scouts Tanzania
The Grassroots Business Fund (GBF) joined Root Change and Serengeti Advisers, Root Change’s local partner, in supporting the launch of Root Change’s Innovation Scouts program in Tanzania. The program aimed to help build and strengthen the Impact Investment sector through development of a grassroots system for the identification of social enterprises with high impact potential, and a unique online platform which, using state of the art crowd sourcing technologies, engages the global public as well as business and investment experts in the validation, verification, and investment in social enterprises. The Grass Roots Business Fund Grant supported:

  • The development of a training curriculum for Innovation Scouts in Tanzania
  • The development of criteria for participation in local and regional Social Enterprise Screening, Linking, and Leveraging Workshops, and
  • The hosting of a pilot workshop in Spring 2010.

Root Change in Partnership with Spigit,launched 'Innovation Scouts Social Network'
Root Change formalized a partnership with Spigit, the leader in innovation and idea management software, to build and launch Root Change's Innovation Scouts Online Social Network. Innovation Scouts is an initiative designed to build a global network of practitioners working to identify, promote, and champion local small and growing businesses with high impact potential for economic growth and poverty reduction. "We are pleased to have Spigit's innovation management solutions applied in this kind of on-the-ground social initiative, and to be used to facilitate change for the greater good," said Paul Pluschkell, CEO and co-founder of Spigit. "The principles of innovation are the same in a large company as in a remote village -- when great ideas are unearthed and successfully executed, the result can be powerful change that improves local commerce and enhances economic opportunities." Click here to Learn More

Root Change Joined Oversees Development Institute and Aspen Institute in Hosting Conference on Value Chains for Poverty Reduction
Root Change and Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs (ANDE) co- hosted a conference and structured meetings in Washington, DC to share findings on how rural populations can tap into the power of value chains. The December 2009 event featured new research led by the Oversees Development Institute (ODI) and the International Development Research Centre (IDRC), focused on work by the Trade and Poverty in Latin America Program (COPLA) in Bolivia, Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Peru. Click here to view Report

Root Change, the Winner of Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs (ANDE) Capacity Development Fund Award
Root Change won an Aspen Grant to build a global network of grassroots innovation scouts to help ANDE members identify new investment opportunities in small and growing businesses. Root Change recruited and trained 75 scouts in Africa, Asia and Latin America, creating a new mechanism for ANDE members, including Calvert Foundation, Grassroots Business Fund, Acumen Fund, Technoserve, Skoll Foundation, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, to discover, strengthen, and broker high potential investment opportunities. The program incorporated web-based and people-centered filters to identify promising investment opportunities and featured a web based marketplace where opportunities for investing germinate in public view. ANDE is a member-driven organization housed within the Aspen Institute. Its members are leading intermediaries (firms providing capital and/or business development services), funders, and experts who share a common desire to create a movement to unleash the potential of Small and Growing Businesses (SGBs) in emerging markets.

Next Practice: Transnational Learning and Knowledge Exchange with the World Bank Institute
Root Change worked with the World Bank Institute to engage internal and external stakeholders in building a global platform for knowledge exchange. South-South learning and knowledge exchange are increasingly becoming some of the most important processes in improving development effectiveness. In order to better face the challenges of a more complex and integrated world, Root Change worked with WBI to explore new innovations and mechanisms for just-in-time knowledge exchange between practitioners in the global South.

Partnership with NACEDA on Managing Neighborhood Change Featuring A New Framework for Sustainable and Equitable Community Revitalization
Root Change partnered with the National Alliance of Community Development Associations to launch a new neighborhood change initiative aimed at revitalizing neighborhoods nationwide. Root Change developed the diagnostic tool suite for MNC, which included neighborhood and organizational assessments, planning and neighborhood change strategies. The MNC was created by Alan Mallach, a Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institution.

The MNV initiative helped Community Development Corporations take the lead in bringing about positive change in their neighborhoods by both building stronger, sustainable communities and ensuring that neighborhood residents benefit from the change. A market-oriented approach to change, MNC leads local organizations to analyze neighborhood conditions, collaborate with local government and other community partners, and develop data-driven, flexible, strategies for neighborhood change and for addressing the needs of lower-income residents in those neighborhoods.

The three pilot sites identified were:

  • Philadelphia Association of Community Development Corporations representing a consortium of 4 CDCs in Philadelphia, PA; Rick Sauer, Executive Director
  • Thai Community Development Center of Los Angeles, CA; Chanchanit Martorell, Executive Director
  • Somerville Community Corporation of Somerville, MA in partnership with Asian Community Development Corporation of Boston MA; Danny LeBlanc, CEO SCC and Jeremy Liu, Executive Director ACDC

NACEDA and Root Change field tested the implementation materials and proposed technical assistance approach being developed around the MNC framework before formally launching it nationwide to the country's network of roughly 4,600 CDCs. Over an eighteen month period, project teams made up of individuals from both outside and within the community worked with the three pilot sites to assess their neighborhood housing market conditions, undertake a planning process leading to their implementing responsible market-building and revitalization strategies, and monitor change in the neighborhood over time.

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