Scale Up

We spent 2.3 trillion dollars in foreign aid over the last five decades, why do we struggle to get 12 cent medicines to children to prevent malaria? Your program has met and exceeded its goals and is gaining recognition. How can you build on this success?

These two seemingly different problems are really one and the same: How do we find and apply appropriate strategies for "taking our programs to scale"?

At Root Change we provide guidance on how organizations with a social mission can align their internal resources with their external environments to scale their impacts most effectively and efficiently. Our approach to scale-up involves a tailored end-to-end model built on rigorous value chain analysis and development. This includes a process of mapping the activity ecosystem and undertaking an analysis of individual actors and their collaboration potential. We then explore a series of strategic choices, including new partnership brokering, organizational branching, product and service replication, and innovative new business models such as social franchising.

Success creates pressure to scale up. Our clients experience this everyday from their beneficiaries, increasing funder expectations, and the moral imperative to share the gold. Root Change is prepared to work with you through the process of defining what you want to scale, conducting honest assessments of the opportunity, evaluating your organization's readiness to take on the challenges, and formulating a scaling strategy that fits.

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